Welcome! I began this money and finance blog to feed my addiction of reading personal finance articles and finance blogs. I write about how to save money, how to earn extra money, how to get out of debt, how to invest money and so on.  I’m to become financially independent and retire early (FIRE).

Recent Posts

2017 Goals for This Wife’s Life
Personal finance is all about setting and achieving goals. The FIRE pioneers before me have all done the same. I would be remiss as a PF blogger if I didn’t share my goals for the upcoming year. Drum roll please…

November 2016 Income Report
I’ve been behind in posting my side hustle income, but there’s no time like the present right? My grand total for November was $85.08. The most noteworthy piece of income was $50 from a sponsored post to this blog. Here’s the breakdown.

Student Loan Forgiveness for the Non-Profit Professionalstudent-loan-forgiveness
As I sat at the head of the conference table for our weekly team meeting in our non-profit office to talk about fundraising—we got off topic. The topic was ways to save money and student loan forgiveness because pretty much four out of six of us are frugal, money-minded folks. The youngest, just out of college, says “Because my life’s work will be in non-profits, I’m going to make sure and pay my next 120 student loan payments on time so I can get my loan forgiven.”

I say, “What? Tell me more about this!” Especially since I’ve spent my career in non-profit work (minus the two years I owned a catering company). Read more.

Front Loading Your Life
front load your life
I ran across the term “front loading” your finances awhile back. Unfortunately, I don’t know where exactly where I found it in order to attribute the author of the article. Essentially front loading is what I’m doing.

Front loading is an easy concept. Do all you can now in order to do what you want later. For us now that means paying off all debt (including the house), reaching a net worth of $1m, investing as often and as much as we can, and living frugal to make it happen. Later for us means we retire around 55 years old to travel and do things we enjoy. Read more.