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Mr. Fire Station’s Numbers To Put Your FIRE Journey In Perspective

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One of my favorite personal finance bloggers is Mr. Fire Station.  I’ve been following his journey since around the time he retired early (April 2016). His writing is outstanding and his topics are spot on…including this one. I was searching for a comprehensive list of retirement numbers in the US. And he was smart enough (and patient enough) to put one together. You can find the original article here.

No words of wisdom from the FIRE Station this morning – just some interesting numbers to put your journey to FIRE into some perspective:


  • 50% of Americans are retired at age 63
  • 18 years is the average length of retirement
  • 13% of the US population is over age 65 today
  • 6.1K Americans turn 65 each day
  • 10.K Americans retire every day
  • 55% of Americans retired earlier than they expected (health, job loss)
  • 12% of retirees continue to work seasonally or part time after age 66


  • 80% of Americans do NOT believe they will have enough saved for retirement
  • 77% of US individual financial assets are held by Americans over age 50
  • $45K is the average retirement savings for people aged 55-64
  • $100K is the average retirement savings for people aged 65
  • $240K is the average spending for healthcare alone for couples over 65
  • 25% of employees fail to save enough to reach their employers 401k match
  • 34% of Americans do not have $2K available if needed for emergency


  • 60% of Americans spend all or more than they make each year
  • 44% of Americans do not have a simple budget
  • 66% of US adults are unable to pass a simple financial literacy test
  • 47% of new automotive spending in the US is done by Americans over age 50
  • 80% of luxury travel spending in US is done by Americans over age 50


  • 19% of Americans occasionally overdraw their checking account
  • 21% of Americans have past-due medical bills
  • 50% of new retirees continue to have a mortgage for their primary home
  • 3% of seniors over 65 still have unpaid student loans
  • 40% of the Baby Boom generation (age 53-71) have more debt than savings
  • 39% of Americans classified with ‘expensive credit card behaviors’ in the last year
  • 18% were contacted by debt collection agencies in the last year
  • 9% of Americans report their homes being ‘under water’
  • 16% of Americans received ‘payday loans’ or sold things at pawn shops in 2015


  • $1.3K per month or $15.6K a year is the average Social Security payment
  • 36% of adults over 65 are entirely dependent on Social Security
  • 63% of adults over 65 are dependent on Social Security, family, friends or charity
  • 2033 is the year Social Security benefits will be reduced by 23% unless reformed
  • 20% of Americans have already taken a 401k loan/withdrawal, averaging $8K


  • 15% of employers offer health insurance to retirees
  • 2x rate of inflation – Healthcare costs are expected to risen the next 5 years
  • 62% of senior healthcare costs are covered by Medicare
  • 90% chance that one spouse age 65 will live to be age 90