Ramsey vs Orman

I ran across this infographic on Pinterest and had to post it here. First, to share with you. And second, as a reminder to myself that there are several roads to financial success (and I shouldn’t beat myself up if you swerve off of the road).

The graphic, courtesy of Checks Superstore, really shows the difference between the two financial advice giants, Dave Ramsey and Suze Orman. I’ve typically been a Dave fan, building an emergency fund, paying off debt and then building wealth. But, I’m morphing into something more like Suze’s way of thinking. I have more than $1,000 in my emergency fund…in fact, it’s already to 3-6 months expenses, yet I still have a debt snowball. I’m already saving for retirement, again, even though I have a debt snowball. I sometimes use credit cards…but I know I have an emotional problem with them.

So I’m curious, do you follow one or the other? Do you adapt from both? Do you have your own “plan”…I’d love to hear it.

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3 thoughts on “Ramsey vs Orman

  1. I like both Ramsey and Orman. Orman’s books geared towards women’s finances are great. But I think if one needs a solid plan with steps, that Ramsey takes the cake. As for credit cards in the equation of paying off debt, I think its a no (well maybe one for dire emergencies only). Because I am good with paying off my credit cards and have a nice rating to prove it. But it really does slow down my debt repayment. Cool inforgraph.

  2. Dave Ramsey fan all the way, although we have tweaked the plan just a bit. We are still contributing to our retirement while paying off debt. We also have a larger baby emergency fund than what is recommended.

  3. I think most people feel Dave has way more credibility and has helped far more people. I share those opinions. Also Suze dropping out of sight has been pretty odd. But I will say this for her. She spoke at a conference I attended as the keynote years ago. She wasn’t quite the name she later became and the hotel staff did not know who she was. I was in line right behind her and watched as they ignored her completely while she waited patiently. They really were rude, having their own conversations between the desk staffers and ignoring the paying customers and I thought Suze would be the typical “big star” and come unglued. But no, she was kind and patient and sweet even though she could tell nobody was watching. I didn’t let on that I knew who she was but I was very impressed because it told me she did not see herself as better than others and that is a great test of character. Regardless of anything else she is a kind and patient lady full of grace!

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