2017 Goals

Personal finance is all about setting and achieving goals. The FIRE pioneers before me have all done the same. I would be remiss as a PF blogger if I didn’t share my goals for the upcoming year. Drum roll please…

Pay off a rental property known as 2122
We are on track to have one of our investment properties paid off this year. Most likely it will be mid-2017 around June. Really excited about this as the income will help us get the other property paid off and begin building wealth for early retirement.

Earn $10,000 in side-hustles
My plan for this is to earn extra passive income through eBay, Etsy and public relations/marketing services. I’ll also add “catch alls” like Ibotta and Ebates here.

Fully fund my 2016 Roth IRA
At this point I’m about half-way there, but will have this done by tax time.

Cut back on Boozie spending
I’m spending way too much on alcohol. Plus, it’s not good for my health.

Grow my Twitter account to 1,000 followers
I’m at about 450 now, so I think this is very doable.

Have a net worth of $250,000
A quarter of a million has a very nice ring to it. I’m at about $220,000 now and should reach this no problem.

Increase my investments to $40,000
I’m at $33,000 now. If the market holds and with my contributions I should reach this goal too without issue.

What about you? What are your goals for 2017? Do you have similar goals to mine? If so, any advice?



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One thought on “2017 Goals

  1. Nice goals! I like the side hustle one especially. And congrats on closing in on quarter-millionaire status 🙂

    My goals are to max out the Roth, HSA, and 401k. In addition I want to keep funding my 3 DRIP accounts each month. Anything after this will basically be a bonus! Just started blogging as well so another goal is to grow that.

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