Tax Time 2015

Taxes are due in the United States on Monday, April 18. It’s always that dreaded time of year where we pay to be citizens of this fine country. Or it’s dreaded for me because I haven’t gotten a refund since the mid-nineties.

My husband and I file jointly to save on taxes, and we have them prepared by a tax company. Sure, we could do them ourselves, but we’re worried we could mess something up. They also do this nifty report that tells us we pay 14% of our income to Uncle Sam. We are able to save off of our mortgage, student loan interest and depreciation on our rental properties. Like everyone else we pay on our interest income and bank bonuses. I’m going to look into investing in an IRA next year to save a little bit more.

How do you save money on taxes? Do you prepare them yourself? Do you set up an IRA for tax purposes?

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One thought on “Tax Time 2015

  1. taxation in the united states is a lot different than in canada. I learned a little about it in school and it seems that canadians are more strict with their tax rules. either way, i am so glad to be done my taxes. my husband and I file seperately (you can’t really file jointly in canada) but join some of our expense items to maximize on credit and benefits for our family.

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